Meet Ian

A Dreamer at heart – I’ve spent my early childhood and my adolescent life day dreaming. I always loved Art, History and Anthropology. What I am today is a direct result of that.

I am married to my first love and together we have 4 beautiful children which are our life and happiness

I’ve found photography at about 18 years of age but never gave it much thought until influenced by my fellow co-worker, a great artist, Alexander Matic. From then on I started giving voice to that love of art within me a few years ago.

Become a Client

There are 1000’s of wedding photographs on this site, thank you for spending so much time here.

There are hundreds of photographers on the island; Many have a different vision and style how to tell the story of a wedding. Do you see your wedding narrated in that style? If you do, follow your guts and go with that photographer.

If you believe that you can see your wedding narrated in my style, then drop me an email on or call me on 79059217. I would love to listen to your story.